BBL wins funding for Real World Evaluation

BBL Protect has won a grant to support the time of NHS Staff in a real world evaluation of its products at the HCID unit in Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. The funding was given by the North East ASHN.

The HCID unit is one of only five such units in the UK and was responsible for treating some of the first Covid patients when they were repatriated to the UK at the beginning of the pandemic. The evaluation, consisting of Lead Consultants, ID doctors and nurses and paramedics from the HART Team, has been organised by Allison Sykes, Infection Prevention and Control Person, and is due to take place on the 9th March 2022.

Russell Clifton, MD, said, “this is a real opportunity to put out products through their paces and gain valuable insight from medics and paramedics in how they will be used. It’s a fantastic opportunity and massive thanks have to go to Allison for organising this for us.”