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Bright Ideas in Healthcare Award 2022 Winners!

Allison Sykes – Infectious Disease Nurse, AeroPod and BBL Protect were announced as winners in March alongside the HCID Team and the North East Ambulance Trust for collaboration and Real World evaluations that were completed in developing AeroPod and generously funded y the Academic Science Health Network in the North East.

The Awards were given out at a ceremony at the Hilton hotel in Newcastle, 23rd March 2023.

The Real World evaluations took place at the HCID Unit in March 2022 and included Consultants, Doctors, Nurses and paramedics from the area HART Team.

The device was put through its paces and at the end all attendees were asked to complete a questionnaire. Members of the design team were on hand to take notes and study how different parts of the device were used and asked questions on how this would be used.

That information was taken away and informed the next design stage before returning for a second RWE.

BBL Protect would like to thank all of those that took part which has helped us developed a truly unique device for use with infectious and contaminated patients.