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AeroPod 01

AeroPod 01

AeroPod 01 is a quick, simple effective solution to provide an extra layer of protection during patient transfer within healthcare settings. Designed to fit standard hospital beds or stretcher equipment, it provides an extra layer of protection during patient movement to help prevent the spread of contagion through aerosol dispersion, protecting the attending staff and immediate environment.

Features & Benefits

Infection Control

Increased protection for patient and attending staff in the immediate environment

Protects Immediate Environment

Prevents spread of contaminant when transferring patient to another ward or department

Re-usable Structure

With disposable outer sheet for increased infection control

Patient Access

Quick and easy access to patient


Compact, lightweight design for easy deployment and patient transfer


Suitable for short and low-risk transfers as an improved control measure

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Is AeroPod compliant?

Our AeroPod units are Class 1 Medical Devices registered with the MHRA. We are also CE Marked and ISO 13485 compliant* (*pending certification).