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AeroPod 15

AeroPod 15

AeroPod 15 is a Personal Isolation Device (PID) for the transportation of persons with infectious diseases, or chemical or micro-biological substance contamination from the first point of contact to a treatment centre, or for the strategic movement of patients between locations.

AeroPod 15 has a harness system that secures the patient to any stretcher and allows for external management of direct oxygen supply to the patient with an external air supply providing a minimum of 15 air exchanges per hour.

Features & Benefits


Stored in 70 litre carry-bag

Fast deployment

Deploys in under 90 seconds


Guaranteed for up to 25 uses


Less than 16.5kg including compact carry bag

Patient Access

Easy access to patient in emergency scenario

Passive Air Filtration

Positive and negative air pressure

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Is AeroPod 15 resuable?

Yes, we guarantee AeroPod 15 for 25 uses. The system can be easily decontaminated using ozone decontamination and packed away for re-use. Our range of consumable components are available for re-purchase.

Is AeroPod compliant?

Our AeroPod units are Class 1 Medical Devices registered with the MHRA. We are also CE Marked and ISO 13485 compliant* (*pending certification).